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Your just a click away from learning "6 Clutch DanceMoves" 10 Dances in 10 Minutes

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10 Dances

10 Minutues

  • "10 Dances in 10 Minutes" a new world of fun people and new experiences in 30 Days - The Complete Home Study Course delivered instantly.

  • Lifetime Access to the product (plus updates) - your VIRTUAL STUDIO, username and password will never expire

  • 6 Simple to Follow Modules including Click-by-Click Instructions for setting up your lead and follow dance system (see below for details of all 6 modules)

  • 7 Bonuses including 1-month of free coaching in Corky’s inner circle (scroll down to see a list of all 7 bonuses)

  • And Much, Much More ...

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  • When you sign up today for the 10 Dances in 10 minutes. Home Study Course, you're getting lifetime access to the product at $500 off the retail price (along with all updates Corky makes to this product in the future)

  • After making your one-time payment on this page, we'll send your username and password to the email address you enter above so you can get logged in and start accessing your product within the next 5 minutes.


  • And remember, your VirtualStudio log-in credentials never expire so you can log-in at any time to review the information.

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  • The Complete Strategy from a 30,000 Foot view so you don’t get confused or overwhelmed

  • Learning 10 different dances. 

  • Learning the unique steps for each dance. 

  • I’ll show you everything you need (good news … inside tips in our VirtualStudio Forum)

  • The Real Secret to Turning dancing into meeting new friends, weight loss, fun, and much more. 

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  • Where to find places to meet people to dance. 

  • The Simple 6-Step Magic Content Formula to all dances with a partner. 

  • The best kinds of “Lead and Follow Techniques” to become a semi professional dancer.

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  • What to do when you’ve selected the wrong steps. 

  • How to ask someone how to dance who say “NO”

  • What are the best kind of shoes to dance in and how to pick the type of shoe that will suit you. 

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  • How To Hear Music

  • How to find the down beat and understand what part of the music to listen to.

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  • Learn over 100 steps in ten dances when you purchase the PLATINUM course. You literally will have 100 steps in your pocket. 

  • Learn how to lead and follow while making your partner feel safe in  your arms :)

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  • How to ask someone to dance without feeling weird or pushy.

  • Learn the difference in footwork vs foot placement

That's a $5,000 Value, but It's Yours Today for Just 3 Monthly Payments of $150.00


The Cart Closes Monday at 11:59 pm PDT so Act Fast!

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Get Results or Get Your Money Back (PLUS some Extra Dance Steps)

That's right!  I promise that you'll either get results that you love by implementing this program or I'll give you 100% of your money back.

As a part of our action-based guarantee, all you have to do is complete 5 simple steps in the program and if you're unsatisfied with your results for any reason, just send us an email and we'll issue a prompt and complete refund.

In fact, I'll even cut you a check for up to $100 to cover your Facebook ad spend if you don't get the results you love.

Please view the full refund policy in our terms and conditions document here.

But That's Not All ... You're Getting 7 Bonuses Worth an Additional $2,000 Value

  • How to put steps together on your own. 

  • How to use dance steps from other dances and put them together. 

  • How to use Lite Weight and Heavy Weight.

  • How To Turn

  • Secrets of finding your balance and how to turn.

  • How To Navigate on a crowded dance floor smoothly 

  • How to learn Hip Action

  • And much more.....

  • How to learn Hip Action

  • The Four Types of Hip Actions and how to dance them. 

  • Discover the How To Hear Music in depth.

  • How to use the music to enhance and accent your dancing. 

  •  Free Live Web Stream Coaching Within 30 Days with World Champion Corky Ballas as seen on Dancing With The Stars

  • Don't you hate it when you buy a coaching program and there's no way to get help or to get your questions answered along the way when you get stuck?

  • Well, you don't have to worry about that when you invest today because you're getting 30 days of free access to my inner circle coaching mastermind.

  • When you activate your free coaching, you'll get 2 LIVE group video conference calls so you can ask questions and submit your work for me to review.

  • (FYI - all of the calls are recorded so just in case you can't attend LIVE, you can submit your questions ahead of time and then you'll have lifetime access to the replay)

  • You'll also get access to my Facebook support group where you can ask questions and see what's working for other members of the group.

With Those 7 Additional Bonuses, You're Getting a $5,261 Value for Just 3 Monthly Payments of $150.00

With Those 7 Additional Bonuses, You're Getting a $5,261 Value for Just

3 Monthly Payments of $150.00


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